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The State of the Estuary 2012

The State of the Estuary 2012This new report on environmental health and trends of the New York-New Jersey Harbor Estuary provides an update to our 2004 Health of the Harbor report, exploring such topics as pollution, wildlife, and natural areas. Please check it out to learn:

- How is the estuary doing?

- Are conditions improving?

- How does the health of the estuary affect your everyday life?

- What is being done to address some of the environmental issues affecting our estuary?

- How can you help?

We trust you will find this a valuable resource to discover and appreciate how deeply connected we are to the waters we share. And we hope you will be inspired to contribute by doing your part to preserve the wonderful treasure that is our estuary so that we may enjoy its beauty and resources for generations to come. Learn more:

To request hard copies of the report and fact sheets, click here

Past Editions: Health of the Harbor 2004.


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