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Hooked on Our Waters

Hooked on our Waters

Hooked on our Waters (pdf) was free day-long event held on October 19, 2013 at the CUNY Graduate Center. It brought together the public, non-profits and government agencies to discuss and learn about how we all use the natural water resources around us.

Topics included:

making healthy choices about eating fish you catch and eating fish you buy

restoring water ecology

connecting to the water, and

creating water stewards

Agenda (pdf)


Healthy Choices: Eating Fish You Catch, Regina Keenan -
NYS Department of Health, Hudson River Fish Advisory Outreach (PDF)

Moving Forward in Our Waters

Gabriela Munoz - NY-NJ Harbor & Estuary Program (PDF)

Melissa Cohen - NYS Department of Environmental Conservation Bureau of Fisheries (PDF)

Gil Hawkins - Hudson River Fisherman's Association

Panel 1: Choosing Fish - Supermarket to Shore

Dr. Maida Galvez - Mount Sinai Pediatric Environmental Health Specialty Unit (PDF)

Gef Flimlin - Rutgers Cooperative Extension (PDF)

Alejandrina Canelo & Glenn Lautenbach - Future City (PDF)

Panel 2: How Can We Restore NYC Water Ecology?

Marit Larson - NYC Parks Natural Resources Group (PDF)

Sam Janis - New York Harbor Foundation, and Harbor School students (PDF)

Eymund Diegel - Gowanus Dredgers Canoe Club (PDF) 47MB File

Panel 3: How Can We Connect to the Water?

Meredith Comi - NY/NJ Baykeeper (PDF)

Damian Griffin - Bronx River Alliance (PDF)

Nancy Brous - NYC Watertrail Association (PDF)

How Do We Create Water Stewards?

Blaze Jones-Yellin - Rockaway Waterfront Alliance (PDF)

Chris Bowser - NYS Department of Environmental Conservation, Hudson River Estuary Program (PDF)

This project was funded by an agreement awarded by the Environmental Protection Agency to the New England Interstate Water Pollution Control Commission in partnership with the New York-New Jersey Harbor & Estuary Program.

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