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The Public Access Work Group was created in 2006 to help advance HEP’s goal of improving public access to the waterfront. The emerging public awareness of water quality improvements brought about by the Clean Water Act and other regulations has fueled a growing desire for more waterfront and water use.  Access to the waterfront and waterways is fundamental to sustaining this momentum to improve water quality.  The Public Access Work Group will undertake activities to improve access to the estuaries waterfront for boating, fishing, swimming and/or waterfront leisure, without harming important habitat areas or compromising waterborne commerce. 

REPORT: More Public Access to the Harbor and its Waters, But Not For Everyone (April 2016)

Comprehensive Accounting of Waterfront Parks Documents Access to Region’s Largest Public Space and the Role of Civic Organizations in its Stewardship

  • Executive Summary | PDF
  • Full report (small | PDF) and (full | PDF) file size
  • Appendix A: Detailed Methods | PDF
  • Appendix B: Stewardship Assessment Questions | PDF
  • Appendix C: Site Quality As Defined by Assessment Respondents | PDF
  • HRF/HEP's 2016 Stewardship Public Access Grants RFP | PDF
  • Map of public waterfront spaces (beta) [see below]

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1] Public Access News & Documents ›
  • 2013 Public Access & Stewardship Grants

    Listen to the Feb 26 informational webinar
    | Click Here

    The New York-New Jersey Harbor & Estuary Program (NY-NJ HEP), in partnership with the New England Interstate Water Pollution Control Commission (NEIWPCC), is requesting proposals for projects promoting stewardship of the Estuary and/or public access to/from our waterfront and waterways.

    Approximately $74,000 is available for local communities to “adopt” a waterfront site or stretch of shoreline and conduct a variety of projects and/or events to enjoy, promote access to, improve, and/or learn about this segment of shoreline in the community in the context of the NY-NJ Harbor Estuary, and while showcasing HEP as a partner.

    Download RFP & supporting materials (Click Here)

  • The new Water Trail Guide for human-powered boats is here! Download an electronic copy (PDF) or request a paper version (via our online request form, click here) for your next adventure in the estuary.

2] Public Access Work Group Minutes ›
  • Meeting Minutes (April 24, 2012) | PDF

  • Meeting Minutes (March 23, 2012) | PDF

  • Meeting Minutes (December 8, 2011) | PDF

  • Meeting Minutes (September 15, 2011) | PDF

  • Meeting Minutes (October 06, 2009) | PDF

  • Meeting Minutes (April 23, 2009) | PDF

3] Public Access Work Group Agenda ›
  • Meeting Agenda (April 23, 2009) | PDF


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