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  • Our E-Newsletter section features news from late-June 2018 as well as an archive of past issues | Click Here

  • Comments Wanted: HEP’s Draft 2017 – 2022 Action Agenda Now Available | Click Here

  • Event: The State of the Estuary - Looking Back, Moving Forward (May 2017) | Click Here

  • Progress Report: Restoring the New York-New Jersey Harbor Estuary (April 2017) | Click Here

  • Final Report: Comprehensive Restoration Plan 2016 released (June 2016) | Click Here

  • Event: Nearly 200 participants gather in June 2016 to discuss restoring and protecting the Estuary. See presentations and more | Click Here

  • Press Release: More Public Access to the Harbor and its Waters,
    But Not For Everyone
    (April 6, 2016) | PDF
    Comprehensive Accounting of Waterfront Parks Documents Access to Region’s Largest Public Space and the Role of Civic Organizations in its Stewardship
    • For additional related content, see HEP's "Press Releases" section | Click Here

  • Report & Presentations: Harbor Herons Committee's Annual Meeting (December 2015) | Click Here

  • Report: Working Together to Improve the NY-NJ Harbor Estuary: Contributions by Partners of the NY-NJ Harbor & Estuary Program (Fiscal Year 2014) | PDF
    Appendix: Partner Contributions to the HEP Agenda in 2014 | PDF

  • Event: Presentations and more from June 2015's Raritan Bay Conference: "Two States, One Bay" | Click Here

  • Public Access: STEW-MAP: The Stewardship Mapping and Assessment Project | Click Here

  • Report: Substantial progress made toward restoration of the New York–New Jersey Harbor Estuary (February 2015) | Click Here

  • See the winners of our HEP Photo Contest to Celebrate September 2014's Estuary Week 2014 | Click Here

  • Event: Videos and presentations from June 2014's "Restoring the NY-NJ Harbor Estuary" | Click Here

  • HEP-related events ... Check out our listings through Winter '16 | Click Here

  • EPA Announces New Home for New York-New Jersey Harbor & Estuary Program | Click Here

  • Citizen Science: Find out how you can get involved with water quality workshops and check out HEP's related resources | Click Here

  • Current RFPs and Stewardship Grants ... Revised and newly-added information on Stewardship, Habitat and Small Grant Projects: Check out the latest projects funded and final reports from 2002 - 2011 | Click Here

  • Apply for a grant to promote stewardship of the Estuary and public access | Click Here

  • Our Interactive Habitat Site Map can be found in our "Habitats" section (click here) as well as on the Waters We Share Homepage (click here)

  • HEP convenes partners, launches post-Sandy "Coastal Storms" information hub | Click Here

  • As detailed in a new "About the Estuary" online resource section, the climate of the New York-New Jersey Harbor Estuary is changing and sea level is rising | Click Here

Archive News

  • HEP joins national Toast the Coast campaign to celebrate National Estuary Day and launches photo contest | Click Here

  • View Presentations: Fall 2013's Hooked on Our Waters event  | Click Here

  • The 2013 Helicopter Monitoring Program - Surveys from Summer 2013 season | Click Here

  • EPA Seeking Organization to Host New York-New Jersey Harbor and Estuary Program: EPA Holds Informational Session in New York City | Click Here

  • The State of the Estuary 2012: Environmental Health and Trends of the New York-New Jersey Harbor Estuary. Check out the report, fact sheet (in English and Spanish), and expanded report | Click Here

  • 2011 Harbor-Wide Water Quality Monitoring Report for the New York-New Jersey Harbor Estuary | PDF
    (8.8 MB file)

  • Oyster restoration: Urban Omnibus reports on the urban oyster  | Click Here

  • In NY Times ... NY-NJ Harbor Joins the America's Great Waters Coalition (April 2011) | PDF

  • HEP Action Plan '11-'15 ... View HEP's Action Plan with priority actions | Click Here

  • Our Spring 2011 issue of Tidal Exchange is all about estuary education | Click Here

  • HEP Restoration Nominations ... Learn more on how to nominate a new site for restoration or public access for the Comprehensive Restoration Plan | Click Here

  • Launch of First Experimental Oyster Reefs in NY Harbor (October 2010) | PDF

  • Public Access Document ... The New Water Trail Guide for human-powered boats is here! Download an electronic copy (PDF) or request a paper version (via our online request form, click here) for your next adventure in the estuary.

  • Interested in what the water quality is like in the Harbor? Check out our series of sampling surveys. | Click Here

  • NY-NJ Harbor Estuary Pumpouts ... All pumpout stations in the NY-NJ Harbor Estuary are mapped and listed in a new colorful brochure | Click Here

  • New Work Group Information ... See "About the Program" section for publications, presentations and pictures on Harbor Herons and Public Access Groups | Click Here

  • EstuaryLive! ... HEP was pleased to host an EstuaryLive broadcast from Jamaica Bay on September 29, 2006. More than 15,000 students across the country were registered to participate in the live virtual field trip. To view the archived broadcast, Click Here.

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  • The State of the Estuary 2012: Environmental Health and Trends of the New York-New Jersey Harbor Estuary | Click Here

    State of the Estuary 2012This new report on environmental health and trends of the New York-New Jersey Harbor Estuary provides an update to our 2004 Health of the Harbor report, exploring such topics as pollution, wildlife, and natural areas. Check out the report, fact sheet (in English and Spanish), and expanded report

  • HEP's Tidal Exchange ... Our Spring 2011 newsletter, a special issue all about estuary education, is now available. Also, all back issues of HEP's Tidal Exchange are now available in both pdf and text formats | Click Here

  • New Report ... State-EPA Nutrient Innovations Task Group releases report that identifies options on how to improve nutrient pollution prevention and reduction at the state and national level. | PDF

  • 2011 Harbor-Wide Water Quality Monitoring Report for the New York-New Jersey Harbor Estuary | PDF
    (8.8 MB file)

    Harbor-Wide Water Quality Monitoring Report. 2011 Edition.

    This is the second report in what the New York-New Jersey Harbor & Estuary Program and its many partners envision to be a series of water quality trend assessments for the NY-NJ Harbor Estuary. In addition to highlighting water quality monitoring and reporting trends, the report features an assessment of pollutant load reductions that may be needed to further improve water quality in areas of the Harbor.

  • NY-NJ Harbor & Estuary Program’s revised “Exploring the Estuary!
    A Teacher’s guide to the New Regional Sediment Management PlanYork New Jersey
    Harbor Estuary Region (2009 revision) | PDF (7 MB)

    First produced in 2003, this updated guide (revised by New York Sea Grant) highlights regional education organizations providing K-12 estuary-related field trips, lesson plans and classroom activities.

    The introduction to this 112 page document includes background information on the NY-NJ Harbor Estuary as well as estuary-related facts, vocabulary and Internet resources.

    The directory aims to introduce educators to the dynamic network of organizations and resources available to help students learn about the harbor.

  • Regional Sediment Management PlanRegional Sediment Management Plan (2008) | PDF

    This Oct '08 HEP report presents a Regional Sediment Management Plan for the New York & New Jersey Harbor Estuary. The plan embodies the consensus of the Regional Sediment Management Workgroup charged with this purpose.

    Harbor-wide Water Quality Monitoring Report for the NY/NJ Harbor Estuary
  • Harbor-wide Water Quality Monitoring Report for the NY/NJ Harbor Estuary (2008) | PDF

    This July '08 HEP report outlines the environ-mental condition of the Harbor Estuary. It also tracks trends in a series of indicators that shed some light on whether conditions in the estuary are improving.

  • TECs for the Hudson Raritan EstuaryTarget Ecosystem Characteristics (TECs) for the Hudson Raritan Estuary: Technical Guidance for Developing a Comprehensive Ecosystem Restoration Plan (2007) | PDF

    TECs are an important component of the overall habitat restoration planning effort in the harbor

    draft Hudson-Raritan Estuary Comprehensive Restoration Plan
  • The draft Hudson-Raritan Estuary Comprehensive Restoration Plan (CRP) is now available on The Waters We Share website (Click Here). Outreach meetings are being scheduled and held throughout the year to obtain public input and further build consensus.

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